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About Out of the Garden Project

We believe we are unique not only because we are the largest agency of our kind providing more than 1250 bags of food each weekend to students and families at nearly 60 elementary, middle and high schools in the Piedmont Triad, but we also have 22 fresh mobile markets each month that we take out to areas of Guilford County in need and distribute food.
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Hunger Statistics

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The Hunger Problem

Stats on Hunger in Our Community
Greensboro and High Point rank #9 for food insecurity in the US

Greensboro and High Point were ranked #1 for food insecurity in the United States until July of 2016. Studies have shown that when students do not eat on the weekend, it can take up to Wednesday of the next week after students have eaten for two days at school to begin to learn at the same rate as their peers who had access to nutrition during the weekend. There are also other issues that arise when hunger is present. Ultimately, our goal is to find a way to help feed children and families in need year-round. Our desire is to change the hunger statistics in Guilford County by providing food and hope for every child.

  • Of Guilford County Schools’ 73,000 students, 67% (as of 2015) receive free or reduced price lunches and breakfasts.

  • In 2012 we distributed more than 100 tons of food to school children and their families through “Operation Backpack.”

  • We take out food to food deserts (locations where their are either no grocery store options) in Guilford County and pass out 65+ pounds of food each to families in need.

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